Set of 8 Mi Hummel Porcelain Christmas Tree Ornaments

You get 8 Brand New MI Hummel Porcelain Christmas Tree Ornaments with this deal.
Each is brand new in original box* with Certificate of Authenticity.
(Note: these were originally distributed through Publisher's Clearing House, and the original box is just a plain white box with a SKU# on it)
Each ornament is approximately 4" in diameter and approximately 1/8" thick.
Design and raised golden highlights appear on both the front and back of each ornament.

Included in this lot are (in order, as pictured above):
#B549 - "Angelic Song"
#B551 - "Angel Duet"
#B552 - "Christmas Angel"
#B558 - "Heavenly Protection"
#B559 - "Little Guardian"
#B560 - "Candlelight"
#B561 - "Guiding Angel"
#B566 - "The Accompanist"

Officially Licensed by Goebel.
Made in China.

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Price $37.99
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